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Peasants’ body asks PPP to stop backing feudals

By Our Correspondent
December 20, 2021
Peasants’ body asks PPP to stop backing feudals

The Hari Welfare Association has said that peasants of the province are extremely upset over the Sindh government’s appeal petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan against a judgment of the Sindh High Court (SHC) Hyderabad bench.

It also asked the Pakistan Peoples Party leadership to stop backing the feudal class.

The SHC had struck down the Section 6 of the Sindh Tenancy Act 2013 and Section 24-C of the STA 1950 was inserted to omit prohibition of begaar (unpaid labour). The judgment had also ruled that after the separation of judiciary from the executive, the assistant commissioners, additional commissioners and commissioners/collectors did not have powers to make decisions in judicial matters under the sections 27, 29 and 30 of the Sindh Tenancy Act, and such executive’s actions were against the provisions of the articles 175, 202 and 203 of the constitution.

HWA President Akram Khaskheli said the SHC had ordered the government to make amendments in the Sindh Tenancy Act 1950 and take necessary measures including transferring of all peasants’ cases under the STA to the judiciary. He lamented that instead of complying with the SHC’s decision and protecting the rights of peasants in the tyrannical feudal system and structure, the Sindh government had sided with feudal lords to violate the fundamental rights of peasants in the province.