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Palijo asks PM to convene APC to steer country out of crisis

November 30, 2021
Palijo asks PM to convene APC to steer country out of crisis

KARACHI: Chief of Qaumi Awami Tehreek Ayaz Latif Palijo has asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to convene an all parties conference for making a joint effective mechanism to steer the country out of the present crisis.

Talking to The News, Sindhi nationalist leader Palijo, who is also the general secretary of the Grand Democratic Alliance ( GDA), asked the prime minister to act wisely and prudently and lead the people of the country from the front by acting like a true leader, especially at a time when they were groaning under the worst type of lawlessness, price hike and uncontrolled inflation.

"The people are feeling unsafe, insecure and uncertain due to the rising prices of essential commodities with no remedial measures in sight. This could push the country towards a very chaotic situation," he warned, urging the prime minister to read the chalking on the wall and stop relying only on loans from international agencies to run the affairs of government and state. He said that it was high time for the rulers to concentrate on the key internal issues instead of interfering in domestic issues of other countries.

He said that more mess was being created in Sindh where, according to him, the PPP rulers had played havoc with the institutions forcing people to commit suicide. The corrupt and incompetent rulers in Sindh over the past 14 years had never bothered to even pay a little attention towards the basic amenities of life and the whole province was facing a terrible situation.

“People are being kidnapped and killed in broad daylight, students even in universities were not feeling safe, kids in districts like Thar have been left to die of hunger,” he said. He said that it was a matter of shame that lawmakers associated with the ruling party were killing innocent people with impunity and termed the brutal death of Nazim Jokhio as the worst example of mindset of those in power for years.

The QAT chief concluded that PPP rulers in Sindh were bringing totally illogical and irrational bills on the floor of Sindh Assembly with regard to local government. He said he had warned them of severe backlash from the people of Sindh if they did not desist from it.