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Launching ceremony of ‘An Afghan Tragedy’

By Our Correspondent
November 28, 2021

Islamabad : Launching ceremony of book ‘An Afghan Tragedy, A tale of sorrow and hope’ written by Akbar Jan Marwat held here. The speakers on the launching ceremony were unanimously convinced that the book provides the theme of forgiveness and this is the ultimately solution of destructive Afghan state and society.

On this occasion the author Akbar Jan Marwat about the book said that ‘An Afghan Tragedy, A tale of Sorrow and Hope’ is basically a work of fiction. However, while describing the backdrop of the events taking place in the novel, certain historical events have been narrated factually. In the interest of fiction never the less, liberty has been taken with some historical facts and personage, for which the author seeks indulgence of the reader.

‘An Afghan Tragedy’ can be called an experimental novel, in which facts and fiction are woven together to create a genre of work, which he thinks could be classified as historical fiction. Some parts of the novel can look like realistic fiction to some readers.

Former federal secretary Saad Ashraf commenting on the book said that ‘An Afghan Tragedy, A tale of sorrow and hope’ is a historical novel based on the events of Afghanistan from 70’s till the present. Well written, the book will keep the reader glued to its last page.

Certain literary techniques like stream of conscious and magic realism have been used sparingly but very effectively by the author in the novel.

Akbar Jan Marwat has evolved a new style of novel writing in which the author blends together Afghanistan’s political events of the seventies with the life of a Pakistani undercover agent. The twists and turns of the tale make it an incredible reading.

Ex- federal secretary Ahmad Farooq expressing his interest in the book said that the first chapter of the book caught my attention as started the reading. I enjoyed it with full satisfaction and pleasure of taste. This first chapter remained me Charles Dickens. The book enlightens you to think be young the present in future and tells you cannot kill the ideas springing in your mind. He said the book speaks on future and tells how tragedy can be settled on humanitarian cast.

Another Federal Secretary and poet Ejaz Raheem doing operation of the book advised the author that considering the author’s war narrative, he should not take the historical account mixing with the intellectual fiction art. Despite of it he found this book an intellectual addition in artistic literature. The knowledge provided in the book knocks at the door of wisdom and inspires the readers to look into its orbit to find such characters as highlighted in the book. It will help you to understand the humanitarianism in your life. This creative work transfers the pain of sorrow and provides energy of hope, love and optimism. This artistic work mixing history, sorrow, hope and romance and love is a really a tribute to him and dignifies his intellectual endeavours. The book sets humanism and spiritualism dimensions for readers in the situations of war and war theatre which has always been part of literature. The hallmark element of the book is that the authors exhibited visible characters in the novel.