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6kg charas seized, three arrested in Mardan

November 27, 2021

By Our correspondent

MARDAN: District police on Friday recovered 6kg charas and arrested three drug pushers.

District Police Officer Dr Zahidullah Khan told the media that the Narcotics Eradication Team (NET) and police personnel conducted joint raids in Shahbaz Garhi and Chura areas of the district and arrested three drug traffickers.

He added that in Shahbaz Garhi area, the cops arrested Israr, hailing from Swabi district, and recovered 2.6kg charas and motorbike from his possession. Similarly, personnel of Chura police station also arrested two drug pushers, identified as Zahir Muhammad and Gulzar, and seized 3.8kg charas from them.

The official also said that the district police have started another round of public forums in all subdivisions, including Takhtbhai, Sheikh MaltoonKatlang, city and rural circles. “These events are aimed at bridging the gap between the public and hopefully, it will also help improve the policing in Mardan district,” Dr Zahid added.