Tuesday December 07, 2021

During ‘E-Kachehri’, IG Inam Ghani answered the questions asked by the radio listeners and Facebook app all over the country/abroad and issued immediate directions to resolve the problems of the general public. He said it’s our prime responsibility to keep motorways and highways safe for commuters. NHMP believes in equal and fair application of law, strict enforcement on National Highways and Motorways to ensure the free flow of traffic.

In ‘E-Kutcheri’ IG, Inam Ghani said that he like to be interacted with the public because they are our eyes and ears. The driving licenses branches will soon be opened in all four provinces capitals so that people of remote areas can easily get driving licenses. He categorically said that reward and punishment is very much important but the best reward for any officials or officers is timely promotion. In addition, merit-based promotions and recruitments in the Motorway Police is in process and will be done very soon. He appealed the passenger and freight vehicles drivers to drive in their respective lane to avoid any accidents and campaign has been launched against lane violations of passenger and freight vehicles.