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Kidnapping charge added in Nazim Jokhio’s murder case

By News Report
November 10, 2021
Kidnapping charge added in Nazim Jokhio’s murder case

THATTA: A kidnapping section has been added to the police report in a case pertaining to the last week murder of Nazim Jokhio — who purportedly filmed a PPP lawmaker’s guests hunting houbara bustards in Thatta — the Sindh Police said on Tuesday.

The police said that besides three suspects who have been arrested, an additional 11 people have been nominated in the case. They added that the prime suspect PPP MPA Jam Owais’ elder brother, MNA Jam Abdul Karim, is also among those to have been nominated.

Furthermore, video footage from the time of Nazim’s murder, which went missing from the Jam House, has been recovered, said police.

The police said that following the murder, the footage was removed from the site and was traced after the suspects arrested in the case were questioned. The footage has now been sent for a forensic examination of its contents. It will help ascertain which individuals were directly involved in the crime, said police.

The three suspects so far arrested are PPP MPA Jam Owais, Haider, and Meher Ali, all of whom have been handed over by a court on physical remand to the police.

Officials from the investigation team said that a probe, using data retrieved from the mobile phones of the arrested suspects, has also begun. According to the officials, Nazim's video statement will be used as primary evidence in the probe.

They said that the investigation team surveyed the site of the incident with Nazim's brother, Afzal Jokhio. They said that a citizen, at around 2pm on November 3, alerted the police on the 15 police helpline after discovering Nazim's body.