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To bring an end to ongoing TLP protests: President seeks Ulema’s role in relaying Islam’s message of peace

October 30, 2021

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi on Friday said Islam stresses upon affinity and harmony among the mankind and called upon the Ulema (religious leaders) to play a positive role in diffusing the ongoing tense situation in the country by promoting Islam’s true message of peace.

The president expressed these views in a consultative meeting with a delegation of Ulema of Ahle-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat from different districts across the country led by Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Noorul Haq Qadri at the Aiwan-e-Sadr.

The meeting deliberated upon various options to address the current situation in a peaceful manner and emphasised on resolving the matter through negotiations. President Alvi said since the establishment of Pakistan, the Ulema always played a significant role in providing moral and religious guidance to the people besides standing with the state in difficult times.

He said the present government raised voice against Islamophobia and for the sanctity of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) at all the international forums and advocated the stance in an effective manner.

He mentioned that the government also set up the Rehmatul Lil Alameen Authority, which would promote the glowing teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) and guide the nation to follow His footsteps for success in this life and hereafter.

Dr Alvi said Islam is a religion of peace and urges the mankind to practice brotherhood and tolerance. It also stresses upon protecting the lives and property of each other and discourages acts of violence, he added.

The Ulemas expressed concern over the reports of violence causing harm to the lives and property of general public. They stressed that violence would negatively impact the image of the country as well as the religion of Islam. The Ulema offered their support and services to resolve the situation peacefully and in an amicable way.

Besides Noorul Haq Qadri, the members of the delegation included Sarwat Ejaz Qadri, President Sunni Tehreek (Karachi), Sahibzada Hamid Raza, President Sunni Ittehad Council (Faisalabad), Pir Khalid Sultan Bahu, Chairman Jammat-ul-Saaleheen and Pir of Sultan Bahu (Quetta), Pir Abdul Khaliq, Pir of Bhrchundi Sharif (Ghotki), Dr Abul Khair Muhammad Zubair Chairman, Milli Yakjehti Council (Hyderabad), Hamid Saeed Kazmi, ex-MNA (Multan), Pir Haseen-ud-Din Shah, President Ahle Sunnat-wal-Jammat (Rawalpindi), Pir Muhammad Amin, Pir of Manki Sharif (Nowshera), Pir Khawaja Ghulam Qutab Fareed, Pir of Kot Mithan Sharif (Rahim Yar Khan), Pir Ghulam Muhammad Sayalvi, Pir of Sayal Sharif (Sargodha), Sahibzada Hafiz Hamid Raza, MLA AJK Assembly, Mufti Wazeer Qadri, renowned scholar (Quetta), Pir Rafique Ahmed Mujadadi, renowned scholar (Gujranwala), Mian Jalil Ahmed Sharq Poori, Pir of Sharqpur Sharif (Sheikupura), Pir Makhdoom Abbas Bengali, Pir of Bengali Sharif (Gujjar Khan), Syed Ali Raza Bukhari, Pir of Basahan Sharif (Kahuta AJK), Haq Khateeb Hussain Ali Badshah, Pir of Bilawara Sharif (Kotli Sattian), Sahibzada Hussain Raza, President Wafaq-ul-Madaris Al-Islamia (Faisalabad), Habib Irfani, Pir of Sundar Sharif (Lahore), Syed Zia-un-Noor Shah, Pir of Sodhra Sharif (Wazirabad), Qasim Sayalvi, Pir of Sayal Sharif (Sargodha), Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Al, Pir of Sultan Baho (Jhang) and Pir Naqib-ur-Rehman, Eidgah Sharif (Rawalpindi).