Wednesday December 01, 2021

Details of Shehbaz’s meetings must come to fore: Sh Rashid

October 21, 2021
Details of Shehbaz’s meetings must come to fore: Sh Rashid

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Wednesday that details of Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif’s meetings must come to the fore.

In a statement, Sheikh Rashid said the US diplomat is meeting the PMLN leaders separately, which means that the US diplomat also knows that ‘N’ and ‘Sheen’ are separate factions of the party. He claimed that a third faction of the PMLN would emerge before elections.

The minister said if the opposition indulged in any kind of subversive activities before the elections, then it would be digging a hole for itself. He assured that those not taking law into own hands would not be touched.

The minister also saluted the Pakistan Navy for tracking down the Indian submarine and said that he appreciates the efforts of the forces who once again saved the country from Indian aggression.

"I am always appreciative of the services of the armed forces of this country," Sheikh Rashid said, adding that his inspection of the country's submarine "Hamza" this month has strengthened his confidence in the Pakistan Navy's capability. "India may have forgotten that the Pakistan Navy is always alert and vigilant,” the minister said. "The world should take notice of India's anti-Pakistan aggression."