Saturday December 04, 2021

President inaugurates Football stadium gifted by Turkish govt for Ida Rieu Schools

October 21, 2021

KARACHI: Dr Arif Alvi, President, Islamic Republic of Pakistan has inaugurated today a state-of the-art Football stadium and Cricket practice facility gifted by the Turkish Government, specifically designed for the students of the Ida Rieu Schools and Colleges for the Blind and Deaf in Karachi.

The event was attended by government functionaries, Turkish diplomats, civic leaders and members of the public. This facility has been generously donated by TIKA-Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency which is the state-run donor agency of The Republic of Turkey working under the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

TIKA has established this bespoke Football Ground and Cricket Training Facility for the special children of Ida Rieu Schools as a gift from the Turkish nation.

On this occassion, Nadira Panjwani, President of the Ida Rieu Welfare Association thanked TIKA and its Karachi Programme Coordinator Mr Ibrahim Katirci and the Government of Turkey for this magnificent expression of support for the cause of Special Children in Pakistan. She said that Ida Rieu Schools had been serving the cause of education and human development of these children since 1922 making it a pioneer in this field.