Sunday December 05, 2021

Merit matters

October 18, 2021

Unfortunately, a strange tradition has taken root in our country where a number of vacant posts in some major institutions are filled by retired citizens. The problem is not that they are appointed where their expertise are direly needed, but that in doing so highly qualified fresh graduates are neglected. The incumbent government has surpassed all in this practice of granting undue extensions.

Undoubtedly, this unjust practice is a major cause of despair among young people, and it ultimately leads to brain drain. In the presence of capable, eligible and qualified candidates, hiring retired people is extremely unfair. Having a person-specific system where a few are blessed with multiple extensions will hardly lead to the development this country needs. The retired can always try for positions in private businesses. This will ensure that young people are not frustrated or left unemployed needlessly. The authorities should put an end to this tradition.

Amir Zada Khan Yousafzai