Saturday December 04, 2021

Relocation of U-turn near Mareer Chowk demanded for motorists’ safety

October 17, 2021

Rawalpindi : The U-turn near Mareer Chowk has become a dangerous spot not only for motorists but for pedestrians as well because minor and major accidents occur on regular basis on the said U-turn every day.

The concerned authority had assured to make a ‘fish belly’ at the U-turn but public has been waiting for fulfilment of the promise for over four months.

The motorists are facing inconvenience due to a U-turn near Mareer Chowk where motorcyclists, rickshaws, taxis, Suzuki pickups, and even wagon drivers drive on the wrong side to reach Tip Road often hitting vehicles or motorcyclists coming from the opposite directions. They have demanded that the U-turn should be established before Moti Mahal Chowk in front of the mosque so that motorists who want to turn to Tipu Road can easily take the left turn and due to clear visibility from the opposite side there is some sort of safety for people turning towards Mareer Chowk. They said that fish belly could also be established before Moti Mahal Chowk due to the abundance of space on both sides of the Murree Road.

It has been observed that not a single traffic warden remains on duty to control the traffic and stop traffic violations at the U-turn near Mareer Chowk. Due to irresponsible attitude of traffic authorities, motorists are facing accidents at U-turn near Mareer Chowk on regular basis.The City Traffic Official (CTO) spokesman Kashif Sarosh told ‘The News’ that all U-turns on the directions of Commissioner Rawalpindi Division have been closed. “We will make ‘Fish Belly’ at all U-turns and in this regard proposals have been sent to the commissioner office for approval. As soon as we get the approval, we will establish fish bellies at U-turns, he said. He also said that we have made U-turns to smoothen the flow of traffic.

The citizens have demanded of the traffic police officials to formulate a comprehensive plan to control traffic during peak hours as the parents and van drivers who drop their kids to schools in different areas face difficulties daily. They have also demanded to control traffic rather adoption of new experiments like closing of all intersections in the city.