Saturday December 04, 2021

Repeated fuel, power price hikes making life miserable: Sherry

October 16, 2021
Repeated fuel, power price hikes making life miserable: Sherry

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Parliamentary Group Leader in the Senate and its Vice President, Senator Sherry Rehman, while criticising the government's back-to-back price hikes has said the government, which increased electricity tariff by 40pc in the last three years, has further approved increasing power tariff by Rs1.68 per unit. “Is anyone tearing electricity bills up in public Jalsas now?”she posed the question, alluding to the prime minister's actions as the opposition leader.

Senator Sherry Rehman reminded that just after a fortnight of raising fuel tariff, Ogra has once again suggested increasing the price of petrol by Rs5.90 per litre, and diesel by Rs9.75 per litre from October 16th. Petrol price has been increased by Rs30 in the last three years. Does the PTI or IMF even realise the impact of these back-to-back price hike bombs on people? questioned Vice President PPP, Sherry Rehman. She said the inflation rate now stands at 9pc. Wheat, which was being sold at Rs740 for 20 kgs is now being sold at Rs1,150, while sugar is being sold at Rs110 per kg from Rs60 per kg. All this combined with inflation and unemployment is making life extremely difficult for the common man.

Since August 2018, the PPP senator said the rupee has been devalued by 40pc, to Rs49 since 2018. The government has brought our economy to the ventilator in the last three years. “Is this what the PM meant when he said that inflation is temporary and that they are going to reduce it?” asked Senator Rehman. “It is very difficult to have any confidence in this government which is raking up debt and has doubled it to a whopping Rs39.9 trillion since PPP's government."

Regarding the ongoing discussions with the IMF, she said IMF is forcing to increase electricity tariffs and taxes despite existing high commodity prices. This government has never taken the parliament into confidence over their agreement with the IMF which has only resulted in a tsunami of unbearable price hike of utility items and staple food, the senator deplored. She said the PPP was always been transparent in its dealings with the IMF and we did not drive millions into poverty, homelessness and joblessness in the name of stabilisation goals, Sherry Rehman concluded.