Sunday December 05, 2021

Iesco to observe 6-hour long power outages schedule daily

October 09, 2021

Islamabad : Even in normal weather conditions, the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) has issued six-hour loadshedding schedule in all areas of Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Jhelum, Chakwal, Murree, Attock, Pindigheb, Kotli Sattiyan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and several other circles.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has sent loadsheddding schedule to all circles here on Friday.

The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) was reluctant to tell the factual position of present loadshedding. The load management schedule will continue for an indefinite period, Iesco warned.

The consumers have strongly protested against concerned department which was not telling factual position of loadshedding even in normal weather conditions.

The Chief Executive Officer (Iesco) Dr Muhammad Amjad Khan told ‘The News’ that they have decided to observe 6-hour loadshedding schedule in all areas due to technical fault in transmission lines. The consumers will face 1-hour loadshedding after every three hours means 6-hours loadshedding during day and night, he warned. “We could not tell how long this loadshedding plan will continue,” he said. He said we have started to observe this load management schedule immediately.

“Water shortage and electricity loadshedding have made lives of the residents miserable. The government made tall claims to provide relief to the common man but failed to deliver in all fields of life,” Mumtaz Ahmed, a local said. He said that water shortage has hit the city areas as tubewells could not be operated without light.

The key post officials from Ministry of Power on the condition of anonymity said that lack of gas and oil in power plants had badly affected power generation in the country. Therefore, consumers are facing loadshedding for two days, the officials claimed.

On the other hand, PTI government is continuously claiming to have over capacity electricity in the country but consumers faced worst kind of loadshedding from April to September 2021. All claims of government proved nothing here in the country.

Now, Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESCO) is flexing muscles to observe 8 to 10 hours power blackouts in the excuse of maintenance work from November to April 2022.