Monday October 18, 2021

All cases can’t be tried speedily, says CJP Justice Gulzar Ahmed

All cases can’t be tried speedily, says CJP Justice Gulzar Ahmed

LAHORE: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Gulzar Ahmed Tuesday said all cases could not be fixed for speedy trial due to shortage of judges that hindered constitution of more benches for prompt dispensation of justice.

He said this while addressing the Punjab Bar Council (PBC) here. Justice Gulzar said he always endeavoured to fix maximum cases for speedy trial but he could not do so due to shortage of judges to head the benches.

The chief justice said daily eight to ten files landed at his desk out of which 300 cases pertained to speedy trial. “I have devised a formula of 6 to 8 categories under which I approve cases for speedy hearing. Out of 300 cases, 150 [cases] are tried summarily. Besides, I also fix civil appeals and criminal cases filed with the court in 2016,” Justice Gulzar added.

He said the bar and the bench were indispensable for each other and they could not function alone. Justice Gulzar said some judges started questioning lawyers before hearing their points of view.

“The judges too have certain grievances against the lawyers — they come to the court unprepared and talk beside the point do not discuss the case, while the judges always want them to focus on the case.”

The chief justice said the senior bar members could do a lot for the lawyers. The issue of lawyers housing society, he said, had also been resolved. He said the lawyers should get facilities to practice the best of the best adding that he had reviewed the draft of the proposed law prepared by the Punjab Bar for protection of lawyers. “I will do what I can onthe Protection of Lawyers Act, '' he added.

He said lawyers and judges belonged to the same institution adding that many lawyers had to face financial difficulties due to the corona pandemic. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Justice Lahore High Court Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti asked why lawyers had abandoned the pen.

“Let us return to the pen. You have to be polite. The situation would not change unless we turn to the old practice of lawyers’ training in chambers. A client was killed by a lawyer for non-payment of fee. A law is being made for protection of lawyers but such actions by lawyers should also be stopped,” he said.

“During my tenure as the chief justice, everyone would be treated equally, Justice Bhatti vowed. Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan and Justice Sayed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi were also present.