Saturday October 23, 2021

Controversial exams

September 28, 2021

The School Education and Literacy Department Sindh announced more than 13000 jobs for junior elementary school teachers (JESTs) and primary school teachers (PSTs) in March 2021. The recruitment process for the written test was overseen by a third party. These tests were held recently. Candidates were told the syllabus of both tests, and it was announced that every candidate had to score at least 45 percent in each section to qualify for the position. The total cut-off score was 55 marks out of 100.

After the exams most of the candidates complained that the test was too difficult, or out-of-the-syllabus. However, that was not the case, the questions were not out of syllabus. If someone fails to pass the test, he/she blames the testing agency but we should consider our weaknesses and study harder. Instead of complaining, students can focus on learning from their mistakes and taking more practice tests to be better prepared.

Ali Gul Leghari-Johi



The job announcements for junior elementary school teachers (JESTs) came as a great hope to numerous people. However, the test was quite tough, and questions were out of the syllabus.

One candidate who secured 71 marks overall failed because he could not secure 45 percent in one section. The authorities concerned should reconsider this rule; otherwise, only a few candidates would be able to pass this test and all the remaining seats remain empty.

Yasir Ali