Sunday October 24, 2021

Woman wants FIR against former Gabol Town SHO for ‘robbing her, implicating son in fake case’

September 26, 2021
Woman wants FIR against former Gabol Town SHO for ‘robbing her, implicating son in fake case’

The mother of a teenage boy who was accused of drug peddling by the Gabol Town police has demanded legal action against former Gabol Town SHO Roshan Karara and his team for registering a fake case against her son and stealing cash worth Rs1.3 million and a motorcycle from her.

The woman, Sonia, wife of Afzal Khan and resident of Taiser Town, has submitted an application to the Surjani Town police station for the registration of an FIR against the former Gabol Town SHO and five unidentified policemen.

She claimed that on August 17, some armed policemen in the absence of her husband entered and searched her house, and stole Rs1.3 million. “With cash, they also took my 15-year-old son Bilal and a motorcycle away with them while leaving the house,” she claimed. “Even, the cops also misbehaved with me and my daughters.”

The complainant said that following the incident, she approached the police and informed them about the incident, after which she received the next day a phone call from the Gabol Town police who informed her that her son was in their custody and an FIR No 327/21 had been registered against him over drug peddling.

“When we reached the police station, neither did they allow us to meet my son nor did return the cash and motorcycle stolen from my house. They did not even allow us to meet SHO Roshan Karara and forced us out of the police station,” she claimed. “Later, we approached a court and got my son back on bail.”

The woman added that since then, she had continuously been visiting the police station where SHO Karara, instead of meeting her and returning the cash and motorcycle, threatened her with dire consequences through his guards. “SHO Roshan and his police party do not want to return the cash and motorcycle to us and my family has received death threats from him,” Sonia said. “SHO Roshan and his team members will be responsible if something bad happens to us.”

Investigation SSP Shahla Qureshi was unavailable for comments when The News tried to contact her. However, SHO Karara was available and he denied the allegations levelled against him, saying that the woman’s son was arrested during a raid in the Godhra Chowk area and Sub-inspector Abdul Jabbar had registered a case against him under the Narcotics Act. “I have got a clean chit in the inquiry,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, the woman claimed that the raid and arrest had already been declared fake during an inquiry into the case but even then no action had so far been taken against the SHO and his team who are yet to return the stolen cash and motorcycle.