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Ulema-Mashaikh Convention: ‘India hatching conspiracies to dent Pak-Afghan ties’

By Our Correspondent
September 20, 2021

LAHORE: Ulema-Mashaikh and leading religious scholars of different schools of thought said India has been accomplice in hatching conspiracies to dent Pakistan and Afghanistan relationship.

While addressing the Ulema-Mashaikh Convention here Sunday, Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi assured the Afghan Taliban and clerics of all possible cooperation and also urged them to be aware of the enemy's conspiracies.

He said conspiracies are being hatched to spread extremism and terrorism in the country through sentimental slogans. Pakistan does not need a new constitution as Pakistan’s Constitution is subject to the Quran and Sunnah.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has vowed to legalise the recommendations of the Council of Islamic Ideology. Pakistan came into being on the basis of ‘Kalima Tayyaba’ and one day Pakistan will become a state in the style of Madinah, Ulema-Mashaikh stated.

The Muslims have only one model and that model is the state on the pattern of Madinah Munawara, which the caliphs made in accordance with the teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH). The world benefited from the reforms that took place during the time of the four caliphs. The speakers praised the incumbent government for seminaries; said after 70 years of independence, the government has linked the registration system of Madaris-e-Arabia to the education ministry.

A Single National Curriculum (SNC) will make a nation modern and conventional education is being imparted in the seminaries. Ever since the United Nations was formed, on the platform of the United Nations Organisation, the case of Namoos-e-Risalat has not been fought in the same way as Prime Minister Imran Khan has fought. Those who criticise the State of Madinah had their very own slogan: God’s system on God’s earth. Clerics said those who have been in power for the last 30 years have done nothing for Islam. Ulema-Mashaikh should support Prime Minister Imran Khan unconditionally to make Pakistan on the pattern of the State of Madina. Issuing decrees to accomplish one’s vested interests is the biggest crime, forced conversion is a crime but embracing Islam with one’s willingness cannot be restrained and no such law is being enacted, said the clerics.

The religious scholars and representatives of different religious schools of thought from across the country calling the government’s policy on Afghanistan in line with national aspirations demanded the world leadership not to leave Afghanistan alone in the current situation.

The declarations made by the Afghan Taliban and the patience with which they are resolving issues should be supported so that there is peace in Afghanistan and in the entire region. India should be stopped from spreading instability in the region. The convention also stated that under the aegis of Pakistan Ulema Council, “Pakistan Stability - Ulema and Mashaikh Conventions” will be held across the country and Seerat-un-Nabi conferences will also be held in the month of Rabiul Awwal and in February 2022, the 5th World Message of Islam Conference will be held, which will be attended by leadership of Muslim world.

A series of consultations with scholars and Ulema-Mashaikh has been set on the current situation in the region, and in this regard, a virtual consultative meeting of scholars and leading religious scholars of Muslim world will be held in first week of October 2021. The convention was chaired by Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi, chairman and Special Representative of the PM for Interfaith Harmony and Middle East.

The joint declaration and resolutions adopted at Ulema-Mashaikh Convention state:

1. India’s conspiracies and ill intentions against Pakistan are clear. Following the failure of India’s ambitions in Afghanistan, India is now waging sectarian violence and other conspiracies to create chaos and anarchy in Pakistan, which will be thwarted with unity. The religious scholars and leaders of all schools of thought and religious and political organisations assured the government, armed forces and security agencies its full cooperation to the institutions and announced full compliance with the Paigham-e-Pakistan Code of Conduct and also appealed to the ulema, preachers to fully comply with the Paigham-e-Pakistan Code of Conduct in maintaining religious harmony in the country. 2) Continued attempts to attack Pakistan’s border checkpoints from Afghan side and suicide bombing at Afghanistan airport are reprehensible and condemnable.

Afghan Taliban and the world leadership should keep in mind the relationship between India and international terrorist organisations. As per past traditions, India is once again engaged in conspiracies to create instability and chaos in the region, so the world and the regional countries must pay attention in this connection. 3) Pakistan’s Ulema-Mashaikh and people welcome declarations of general amnesty by the Afghan Taliban, and resolve that the Afghan soil not to be used against any country in the world, including Pakistan, and the announcement of the establishment of a strong and stable national government.

Peace in Afghanistan is the peace of Pakistan and peace in Afghanistan will strengthen all the countries of the region in trade, economy and politics. Therefore all the countries should cooperate with Amarat-e-Islamia Afghanistan for restoration of law and order and stability in Afghanistan. Afghanistan should not be left alone in the current situation. Ulema-Mashaikh of Pakistan announced to cooperate with all regional countries specifically Afghanistan to eradicate the menace of extremism, terrorism and sectarian violence. 4) The stance of the government of Pakistan on the issue of Afghanistan is in the right direction and in line with the national aspirations.

The role played by the government of Pakistan to ensure negotiations between the US and Afghan Taliban is laudable and the policy adopted by Pakistan for evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan is praiseworthy.

Pakistan Ulema-Mashaikh also condemns the Houthi rebels’ continued attacks on Saudi Arabia. Saturday attack on Abha Airport is reprehensible and regrettable.