Tuesday September 28, 2021

‘Traveling Bus Painting’ project concludes

September 12, 2021

Islamabad: A two-day ‘Traveling Bus Painting Project’ concluded here on Saturday at the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (NIFTH).

The project was aimed to promote Art and Culture of both countries (Pakistan-Australia) with the participation of youth in the Bus Painting Project.

Talking to APP, Executive Director Lok Virsa Talha Ali said, "The designs on the buses draw parallels between the climate and landscape of Australia and Pakistan."

He said adding the design elements on the two sides of the bus painted as day and night scenes which represent the colloquialism of Down Under and the different time zones and opposite seasons in Australia and Pakistan.

Waves, water, and rain are a common theme connecting all designs, he shared adding, they represented the importance of coastal lines in both countries and the similarities and parallels between the climate and water resources of the two countries.

There were also trees and animals that were seen as iconic of Australia, in Pakistan like Kangaroo and Australian cows.

Talha said use of cactus design was also symbolic, representing the resilience and endurance of the people of Australia and Pakistan.

The plant was widely used in art as a symbol of resilience, that could stand up to the test of times and could thrive in harsh conditions.

The design on the back represented Sydney Harbour Bridge connecting (the famous mountains of) Pakistan and Australia (The Three Sisters and K-2).

Use of stars represented the seven stars and the (crescent) star in Australian and Pakistani flags.

The flag ribbons on the front design are painted as with Jacaranda and Jasmine flowers on design 2. Jasmin is the national symbol of Pakistan and Jacaranda is an icon of Australia. Other than similar weather conditions, raindrops in the maps symbolise good prospects in the future, which was the focus of the rear design of the buses.