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Haroon lauds govt stance in football conflict

By Our Correspondent
September 08, 2021

KARACHI: The chairman of the PFF Normalization Committee Haroon Malik has said that endorsement of the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) stance by the IPC Ministry in a judicial case filed by the Normalisation committee (PFF NC) is highly commendable and an important step towards the resolution of the football conflict.

“Dr Fehmida Mirza is making sincere efforts for Pakistan’s return to the international football community,” Haroon said in a statement on Tuesday. “The continuing illegal and unconstitutional occupation of the FIFA House by Ashfaq Shah and Malik Aamir Dogar group has caused the destruction of football and global isolation of the country in the game. The unconditional vacation of the FIFA House as directed by FIFA is the only solution to the issue,” he added.

“The IPC Ministry has recently taken legal stance in the civil suit filed by the NC in Lahore that it is trying to resolve the football issue as soon as possible and the PSB only recognises the sports body that is affiliated with its respective international sports association and federation,” NC said.