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‘FIFA should send official to Pakistan to resolve conflict’

By Our Correspondent
September 08, 2021

KARACHI: Despite having held meetings at the highest level, FIFA-installed Normalisation Committee (NC) has so far not been able to regain control of the PFF headquarters in Lahore.

Two years have passed since FIFA installed NC — in September 2019 — but not a single step has been taken towards the PFF elections so far.

FIFA has so far spent thousands of dollars in terms of salaries and other perks and privileges which the world’s football governing body is giving to its appointed members.

Even a meeting of the NC’s members with President Arif Alvi also seems to have failed to bear any fruit.

Former Pakistan assistant coach Nasir Ismail wonders why FIFA is spending huge amounts on NC’s staff when it has done nothing during the last two years.

“I am surprised why FIFA is spending a huge amount when they are doing nothing. They have been seen taking files from one court to another. Is that their job?” Nasir said while talking to ‘The News’ on Tuesday.

“The previous chairman Humza Khan and the other NC members made huge money in terms of heavy salaries and now the current NC under Haroon Malik is making money without doing any job. I don’t think FIFA should extend its mandate beyond September if its (NC) stay is of no use,” Nasir said.

“I request FIFA to send its official to hold meetings with all stakeholders, announce election roadmap and I am very much confident the whole football community will support him,” he added.

“FIFA can bring in its convener from South Asia to work as NC chairman. That would be useful in these circumstances when Pakistanis have failed to deliver,” Nasir said.

He questioned the ongoing Pakistan Premier Football League (PPFL) in Multan, saying international rules and regulations have been grossly violated. “Yes, believe me, matches get delayed for 45 minutes in wait for the chief guest which is against the spirit of the game. To give respect to local football officials persistent announcements are made on loud-speakers and even songs have been composed to pay tribute to an association’s official, which is ridiculous,” Nasir pointed out.

“If NC’s working is related only to the vacation of Football House then I don’t think it is right. NC can work even without Football House as was done by former PFF president Faisal Saleh Hayat. NC should open an office, write to FIFA that it wants to serve despite all these issues, announce election roadmap and handle day-to-day affairs of football as it will also open Pakistan football at international level,” said Nasir, head coach of Masha United.

Meanwhile, sources said that after NC’s meeting with President Alvi on August 12 in Islamabad nothing concrete happened. Pakistan is serving suspension currently and FIFA will only lift sanctions when NC regains access to the PFF headquarters in Lahore.

NC’s chairman Haroon has been in Canada without feeling the responsibility of taking Pakistan football out of quagmire. He is doing minor works through NC members in Pakistan.

Sources even revealed that state will not take any step forward towards manipulating vacation of the PFF headquarters from Ashfaq Group which re-occupied the PFF headquarters last March and the action caused Pakistan’s suspension in April.