Sunday January 23, 2022

Lawyers to protest 'elevation' of junior judge on 9th

September 07, 2021

ISLAMABAD: The legal fraternity will protest, on September 9, the likely elevation of a junior high court judge as Supreme Court judge, what it believes violates the principle of seniority in appointment of judges to the superior judiciary.

The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) and Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) have requested the lawyer community across the country to participate in an "All Pakistan Lawyer Convention" at the Supreme Court Principle seat in Islamabad on September 9.

On Monday, a joint meeting of representatives of the PBC, SCBA, Islamabad Bar Council and local High Court Bar associations, was held at the PBC office in Islamabad. The meeting was attended by SCBA President Abdul Latif Afridi, PBC Vice Chairman Fahim Wali and others. They discussed matters pertaining to arrangements for the lawyer convention. They have already sent invitation letters to lawyer representatives. "The convention is being organised on the date of the meeting of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan, when it would consider the name of a judge, being at Sr. No. 4, in the list of seniority of judges of the Lahore High Court for elevation to the Supreme Court,” the PBC said in a press release on Monday.