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PDM’s White Paper on govt’s ‘corruption’ tomorrow

By Noor Aftab
September 07, 2021
PDM’s White Paper on govt’s ‘corruption’ tomorrow

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) would release a White Paper tomorrow (Wednesday) containing details of incompetence and alleged corruption committed by the Imran-led government in the last three years, sources told The News Monday.

“All the component parties of PDM have given their input duly-vetted by the legal experts before making it a part of the White Paper. It will be an “aggressive" document to expose the details of incompetence in all sectors including economy and corruption committed by this government in last three years," sources said.

In the White Paper, PML-N leadership would inform the people that the PTI government is the most corrupt in the history of Pakistan and its incompetence has destroyed the national economy, the sources added. "The time will come when the whole of Pakistan will come to know about the corruption of Prime Minister Imran Khan, his close friends and members of his cabinet."

Sources confided to this correspondent that the White Paper would contain alleged irregularities and financial scams and crises including flour crisis, sugar scandal, Ring Road case, BRT project, 10 Billion Tree Tsunami and medicine prices, besides showing ‘realities’ about prejudiced accountability process against the opposition members. "It will also show how this government caused losses to the tune of billions of rupees in gas and petroleum sectors," they said.

They said the PML-N had a plan to release this White Paper but some parties of PDM in the last meeting urged that it be jointly released by including opposition parties. Sources said that White Paper would also contain details of Transparency International (TI) reports that pointed out the level of corruption increased in Pakistan during the PTI government.

“The senior members of PML-N have informed former prime minister Nawaz Sharif about the content of the White Paper seeking suggestions from him to expose the corruption of the PTI government,” sources said.