Sunday November 28, 2021

High inflation unnerves public

September 06, 2021

Rawalpindi : The public is facing an unrest situation due to ever increasing inflation, unemployment, lawlessness, hunger, lack of interest of elected representatives to resolve public related issues and rough behaviour of government officials in all departments.

Even weekly bazaars and government-run utility stores have literally failed to provide relief to the public.

The prices of vegetables witnessed sharp rise alongside overcharging and open violations of the officially notified price list in the absence of any checks and balances from the government in the market. Every year the price of vegetables increases in monsoon as recorded during the last 20 days. However, the prices of the vegetables never jumped up with this quantum. This year the price of vegetables increased almost 25 to 30 per cent higher than the last year. Further, the non-existence of the price control mechanism is adding to the inflation due to overcharging by the sellers.

The data collected by ‘The News’ 1-kilogram revealed that ‘tori’ was sold at Rs100, Ladyfinger at Rs90, Cabbage at Rs120, eggplant at Rs70, Arvi at Rs100, peas at Rs200, Kaddoo at Rs80, Tenda at Rs120, Shaljam at Rs100, Potato at Rs50, Onion at Rs50, Garlic at Rs400, garlic at Rs200, Lemon at Rs200, Palak at Rs40, and Cucumber at Rs60.

Similarly, all fruits are also being sold at skyrocketing prices at weekly bazaars in which Apple is available at Rs150-Rs200, Guava at Rs150, peaches at Rs200, grapes at Rs300, melons at Rs80, bananas at Rs100 per dozen and mango at Rs200.

According to the Deputy Commissioner (DC), Rawalpindi Muhammad Ali, he will take strict action against all price magistrates and assistant commissioners on price violations. He said that he will immediately suspend government officers on the price checking issue. He also assured that he will personally visit all bazaars to control ever-increasing inflation.

Talking to ‘The News’ people from different walks of life wondered as to what would happen tomorrow and how poor people will survive in this country because the inflation ratio and unemployment have rocketed to the sky and purchasing power of a common man has ended during the past three years.

Muhammad Umar Minhas, a senior citizen said that the utility store was the only ray of hope for the poor segment of society but PTI government has snatched all kinds of relief from government-run stores as well. “The poor community could easily buy 1-kilogram ghee/cooking oil at Rs120-140 but now the commodity is available at Rs260 to Rs350. What kind of change the Prime Minister wanted to introduce,” he strongly denounced.

Shazia Ikram, a housewife said that 1-kilogram LPG is selling at Rs200 even in hot weather, what would be the price of LPG in the peak winter season. The LPG was easily available at Rs70 three years back but now it was difficult to buy LPG, she said. She said that all other works have stopped because we could hardly manage our kitchen during the past three years.

Muhammad Ijaz, an educated young man said that he did Master in English but has been facing unemployment. “I was teaching in a private college but concerned management fired me because of coronavirus. What is our future and how we could survive in this situation,” he strongly condemned government policies. There is darkness all around in the country because the nation is passing through the darkest era of history, he denounced.

All Pakistan Traders Association (Punjab) President Sharjeel Mir has warned of more inflation in the coming days because of the Afghanistan issue.