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PDM planning 30 public meetings by year end

September 04, 2021
PDM planning 30 public meetings by year end

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has devised a programme of holding a protest Karavan with more than 30 public meetings. Further discussion on this programme would be held during the September 10 meeting of the opposition alliance.

The difference of opinion within the main leadership of the PMLN over the party narrative has intensified and the issue is lingering on which has damaged the party. Although, the PMLN leaders don’t express this publicly, but in private discussions, they admit that confusion between the reconciliation and resistance is working against their interests.

An important leader of the PMLN Khawaja Muhammad Asif, who was released recently after spending over a year in jail in an assets case, says nowadays the politics revolves around personal issues rather than national issues or ideology. In an interview, he proposed that the ANP and PPP must be brought back to the PDM fold to make it vibrant and more effective.

Indications are that the PMLN leadership, right from Jati Umra to London, has realised that the confusion in the narrative is damaging the party and it is expected that the whole leadership willmove forward with a common narrative in near future.

In the recent PDM meeting in Karachi which was also addressed by Nawaz Sharif from London, Maulana Fazlur Rehman had proposed holding over 30 rallies in the country by the year end. However, sources said, the programme is not final yet and it is not clear that the rallies will culminate in Islamabad or not.