Sunday October 02, 2022

NAB takes notice of shortage of ACTEMRA injection

By Our Correspondent
September 04, 2021

LAHORE: The National Accountability Bureau Lahore's Awareness and Prevention Wing on Friday called officials from Punjab Healthcare Commission, Drugs Regularity Authority of Pakistan and Roche for a briefing on media reports about much-escalated price of the ACTEMRA vial and sale of the said injection in the black market touching Rs 5 lakh per vial.

The briefing was called by the NAB Lahore under the NAO Sections 27 & 33 (C). It was told in the briefing that during the midyear 2020, the price of the ACTEMRA vial (400mg) was fixed at Rs 50,000 by the government but soon after fixing the price in July 2020, the vial shortage started. Ultimately, the vial price rose higher and higher through black marketing to the tune of Rs 5 lakh per vial. The visiting delegation also briefed that due to the unavailability of raw material, it wouldn't be possible for the vial producing company, Roche, to continue its supplies until December this year and resultantly the same has currently been suspended.

On the other hand, it was informed by DRAP officials that the provincial government is on the way to give a go ahead to two other vials to assist Covid patients' treatment. NAB Lahore officials directed the visiting officials to make arrangements for a smooth import and supply of ACTEMRA vials from Switzerland on a fast track basis. They advised countering misinformation being spread at different forums regarding the ACTEMRA vials shortage and publishing complete guidance on the DRAP website for the convenience of the general public. Media campaigns on different platforms may also be initiated to control the escalating prices of the said vial.

It was clarified that the NAB Lahore always extends efforts and gives priority to the issues pertaining to public interests while in the past, by the efforts of the NAB Lahore, a renowned private laboratory offered 50 per cent concessions for Covid testing for senior citizens. The NAB Lahore highlighted that the bureau has been performing on the forefront in the public welfare and national causes, which has been yielding positive results.