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US soldiers give pork to Afghans stranded at Kabul airport

Islam strictly prohibits Muslims from eating pork.

By News Report
August 23, 2021
Photo courtesy Twitter
Photo courtesy Twitter

KABUL: American soldiers stationed at the Kabul airport are distributing food packages containing pork to Afghanistanis stranded there, a woman complained.

The woman, who is stranded at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul with her daughter and husband, like thousands of others, took to Instagram to share the ordeal.

 "Feeding us pork, which religiously is not allowed, and 95% of people here dont (sic) know how to read or speak English," she wrote, as she posted a picture of the food packet. "Pork sausage patty, maple flavored."

"They're not handing it to us, they are throwing these packets to us from a distance," she added. 

Islam strictly prohibits Muslims from eating pork. American soldiers, says the woman, have been keeping aim at the Afghans stranded at the airport as they sleep on "rocks and trash" over the past four days. "We have no weapons, just trying to get out," she wrote.