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Security beefed up in KP for Muharram

By Bureau report
August 10, 2021
Security beefed up in KP for Muharram

PESHAWAR: Security was beefed up in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ahead of the Ashura Muharram as the cops were directed to wear bullet-proof jackets and helmets in the wake of recent attacks. An official said the cops manning entry and exit points and checkposts, as well as those patrolling streets, had been directed to wear bullet-proof jackets and helmets for safety in case of any attack.

“The officers have been directed to make sure the cops under their command wear helmets and jackets. The traffic policemen have also been directed to remain alert in the wake of recent attacks on police and personnel of law-enforcement agencies,” an official said.

He said the police in Peshawar and other districts had taken measures to ensure peace during Muharram. Senior Superintendent of Police, Operations, Peshawar Yasir Afridi visited various parts of the city and inspected the security measures. Over 10,000 policemen will perform duty in the provincial capital to ensure peaceful observance of Muharram.

Capital City Police Officer Abbas Ahsan said the other day that arrangements had been completed while 10,000 cops would be deployed for security during Ashura. He said search operations were accelerated across Peshawar ahead of the Muharram.

The official said the capital city police would set up a supreme command post while all the processions and gatherings would be monitored through video cameras. Apart from banning the brandishing of weapons, the entry of Afghan refugees to the city has also been banned during Muharram.