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Murder of ANP leader Ubaidullah Kasi by kidnappers: Five accused killed in Quetta Police operation

By Salman Ashraf
August 08, 2021
Murder of ANP leader Ubaidullah Kasi by kidnappers: Five accused killed in Quetta Police operation

QUETTA: The Balochistan Police claims ‘resolving’ the ANP Central leader MaliK Ubaidullah Kasi’s month-long kidnapping saga that had earlier ended in his tragic death at the hands of gang of kidnappers.

On Saturday, the Quetta Police conducted an operation in Pishin District and killed five alleged kidnappers in an operation. These criminals, according to Police spokesman had killed victim Ubaidullah Kasi two days ago.

Kasi, a member of the central committee of ANP was kidnapped from Kateer, Khuchlak, Quetta on 26th June by unknown kidnappers. The kidnappers made ransom calls to the victim’s family seeking a huge amount for his release. However, the negotiations with the dacoits could bear fruit nor the Police was able to trace the gang of kidnappers in time to recover the ANP leader safely.

On Wednesday, the four day old body of ANP leader was found from Saranan tehsil in Pishin district. Dr Saleemullah Pathan, medical superintendent of Civil Hospital Pishin had declared the body to be “about four days old following his postmortem at the District Headquarters Hospital Pishin. He had also claimed that the deceased leader received multiple bullet wounds. However provincial police sources contest any bullet injuries as certified by the hospital MS following his postmortem. According to Police, the ANP leader died of severe torture during the custody of the kidnappers. Meanwhile, the Police spokesman said the Quetta Police had initially arrested an accused Juma Gul on Friday for involvement in the kidnapping of Ubaidullah Kasi, who besides confessing to the crime also revealed the names of other accomplices.

The Quetta Police on August 7, acting on Juma Gul’s information, raided the hideout in an orchard in District Pishin where the criminals attacked the Police resulting in a long shoot out. According to the spokesman, “when firing stopped five criminals were found dead with the firing of their own accomplices.” Jumma Gul who had led the police to the hideout was also killed, according to police by the firing of the gang of kidnappers along side Mohammd Hanif, Shah Fahad, Mohammad Akram, Mohammad Saleem. Meanwhile some of the accused including Zareef, Waris and few others escaped.

Firearms including two SMGs, 2 TT pistols and 3 hand grenades were recovered from the dead, besides the vehicle used for kidnapping the ANP leader. Legal formalities, the police said are being completed and an FIR is also being registered.