Thursday September 23, 2021

Aleem praises Army’s role in peace

July 29, 2021

LAHORE:Punjab senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said the Pakistan Army has always played a historic role in bringing peace to the region and it is sacrificing for the protection of the country and the nation.

In his tweet with context to the current situation in Afghanistan and its possible solution, Abdul Aleem Khan said, “There is no doubt that the effects of the Russian and US attacks on Afghanistan directly affected our motherland and over the past four decades, we have faced a number of challenges from bearing the burden of Afghan refugees to internal dissension.”

Aleem Khan said opponents of the Pakistan Army like Hamdullah Mohib are in fact enemies of their own people and encouraging such elements can never be benevolent to Pakistan. He said those who harbored forces against Pakistan should be ashamed who risk national interests for their personal and political purposes. The minister said Prime Minister Imran Khan was adamant on Afghan issue from the very beginning. He said the present government is adopting the best policy to deal with the Afghan problem.