Friday September 17, 2021

Noor Mukadam case: Parents say she was carrying huge money when she left house

Noor Mukadam asked her driver to arrange Rs700,000 but he could arrange Rs300,000
Noor Mukadam File photo
Noor Mukadam File photo

ISLAMABAD: Investigations into the Noor Mukadam case took a new turn when her parents informed the police that she was carrying a large amount of money when she left the house and asked her mother on telephone to send some more amount, police sources said.

The sources, quoting an informal statement from her father, said she asked her driver to arrange Rs700,000 but he could arrange Rs300,000. When her driver informed her that he was at her door, she received the money but refused to come out of the accused’s home, saying that hand over the amount to the cook of the accused and go back home.

The police said Noor talked to her mother for three minutes on the telephone on July 19 before being killed. The police have recovered a gun from the custody of the accused and a knife has already been recovered but her mobile phone is yet to be recovered.

Earlier, two common friends of Noor and Zakir visited the alleged killer’s residence and asked the accused to free her but he denied that she was staying with him. The insiders disclosed that the suspect enquired from his colleagues if he would be arrested and punished if he kills anybody as he is a US citizen that indicated that Noor’s murder was premeditated. The police have rounded up members of the therapist company AJCL for investigations.