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Parents of Zahir Jaffer, two servants arrested

By Shakeel Anjum
July 26, 2021

Islamabad : The parents of Zahir Jaffer, who has been allegedly involved in the murder of a former diplomat's daughter, Noor Mukadam, have been arrested along with two servants on the basis of hiding evidence, while the court has approved a two-day physical remand for them.

Zakir Jaffer (father of the principal accused), Mrs Asmat Zakir (mother), Jamil Ahmed and Muhammad Iftikhar (security guard and servant) have been arrested by the Kohsar Police and shifted to Kohsar Police Station.

“The accused have been booked under sections 109/176/201/511 PPC, police sources said. 176 PPC says, omission to give notice or information to public servant by a person legally bound to give, 109 PPC (Abetment), 201 causing of disappearance of evidence of offence and 511 has added in the FIR as an offence define that punishment for attempting to commit offences punishable with imprisonment for life or a shorter term,” a renowned lawyer Sardar Naveed told this correspondent when asked.

The people engaged in the investigation of the heinous crime case, quoting the parents of the principal accused Zakir Jaffer, disclosed that he contacted his parents before committing the gruesome act, saying that he would kill Noor Mukadam if she refused to accept his offer of marriage. The police sources were of the view that the cause of the marriage controversy resulted in the trembling episode.

The sources disclosed that Noor Mukadam jumped down from the gallery during the callous torture by the accused and tried to escape from the building but the security guard, who was witness to the brutal act, intercepted her and handed her over to the accused who dragged her back to the room and again torturing her.

“The security guard informed the parents of the principal accused in Karachi about the grisly act of their son at about 3.30 pm Tuesday but the security guard didn’t inform the area police about the occurrence and Noor Mukadam was slaughtered at 7.00 pm that indicated the irresponsible attitude shown by the parents and his servants,” the investigating police personnel said and added that the victim could have been rescued alive if they informed the police in time.

The duty magistrate, in his decision said, “The counsel for the accused persons submitted that accused person namely Zakir Jaffer and Mrs Asmat Zakir, have already been granted interim bail by the additional district judge but since the bank concerned was closed on day of order on 24.07.2021 could not submitted due to closure of banks. For the state submitted that no notice in the name of SHO from the additional district judge for not arresting the accused person has been received and the accused persons have been arrested since they are nominated by the complainant while the counsel for the accused person submitted that accused Zakir Jaffer and Mrs Asmat Zakir may be released since they are on interim bail. The record shows that no Surety Bond has been submitted at yet by the said accused person in the instant case therefore the accused person mentioned above cannot claim any benefits qua dearest in the instant case when they have not submitted the surely bonds are required by the court concerned. The offence in question is heinous in nature and for the purpose of investigation sufficient time should be granted for the purpose of investigation. The request is genuine as it is necessary and right for the present accused person to be integrated to bring on surface the real fact and for the purpose completion of investigation thus today's physical custody is granted subject to their pre and past medical examination by the authorised medical officer. Accused person shall be produced on July 27, 2021 at or before 10:30 am.”