Saturday September 18, 2021

Rising prices

July 24, 2021

For the country’s poor, a decent and stress-free life is, unfortunately, a distant dream. The PTI-led government recently dropped a petrol bomb on the people of Pakistan. The prices of petroleum products were increased just before Eidul Azha (which were celebrated on Wednesday, July 21). The price hike crushed people’s hopes for Eid celebrations within the blink of an eye. Since the approval of the 2021-2022 budget, it is the third time that fuel prices have increased, making living more miserable for the already downtrodden segment of our society. The recent increase in fuel prices will result in a surge in prices of essential items. It seems that our rulers have absolutely no sympathies for the poor.

People still remember the scathing speeches that were made against the then government during the 2014 sit-ins that were organized by the PTI. Then, the PTI used to protest against the rising fuel prices. Now, petroleum products are getting increasingly expensive during its rule, and it hasn’t done anything to improve the living conditions of people.

Sajjad Khattak