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Heavy rain in Abbottabad: Official blames NHA for damage to properties

July 19, 2021
Heavy rain in Abbottabad: Official blames NHA for damage to properties

ABBOTTABAD: Chief Executive Officer of Cantonment Board Abbottabad Ammara Aamir has held National Highways Authority (NHA) responsible for the loss caused by the recent heavy rains here.

She alleged that the NHA did not complete the drains project in time due to which unprecedented rainfall on July 11 caused tremendous loss.

“The CBA has repeatedly requested the NHA to complete the drains project on Mansehra Road where the existing drains were blocked due to the ongoing road and drain project of NHA,” she alleged.

Talking to reporters, she said the water from the hilly areas flooded various localities as the NHA couldn’t complete the project before the monsoon.

The official said that the rainwater could not be diverted so it flooded the housing colonies. She said the NHA had been requested again to complete the project as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

The CEO said that Cantonment Board Abbottabad started its dewatering and restoration activity on 12 July by deploying its own resources and cleared the area within 12 hours.

The district administration extended its logistic support, she said, adding that the CBA was under fire and being blamed for the damage, which was not true. “There were multiple factors, which led to the situation and it was a shared responsibility of different departments,” she added.

Ammara Aamir said that CBA issued notices to SNGPL for removing encroachment from Jab Nullah. On ground, demarcations were also done by Revenue and CBA, however the Sui Gas Office took a stay order against CBA.

”As far as the issue of encroachment is concerned, there is a misconception that CBA has approved the building plans on nullahs and drains, which is not correct,” she said, adding there was a proper procedure for approval of building plans.

She said that the cantonment board and the Revenue Department had started the anti-encroachment operation which would continue after Eid holidays