Sunday November 28, 2021

Eid shopping craze refuses to die

July 18, 2021

Unmoved by corona variants, Pindiites rush to buy perfumes and caps at different markets in the city ahead of Eidul Azha. Shops selling perfumes and caps in the city are drawing a large number of customers wearing masks.

Raja Bazaar and Moti Bazaar are the popular places for local inexpensive perfumes and caps although imported perfumes and caps are also available. There are over 100 cap and perfume shops in these markets and it seems perfumes and caps galore there.

Asim Taqi, a shopper at Iqbal Road market, said, “I came here from Faizabad to buy caps and perfumes to give them to family members and relatives as a gift. This is the place where caps of various designs are available. Their prices are also comparatively low.”

Tauqir Hasan, a shop owner at the market, said, “The quality of perfumes and caps here is good. A buyer can trust the products. A tiny bottle of perfume is selling at a reasonable price.”

Perfumes from countries like Spain, China, France, Holland, and Switzerland are also available in different markets. Some sellers told The News that France, Switzerland, America and Britain’s perfumes are attracting customers more. “Sale of perfumes and caps will continue until the Eid day,” a seller at the market said.

On the other side, people are thronging beauty parlours. Beauty parlours and salons are witnessing a huge crowd. Fashion enthusiasts, particularly the young generation, are rushing to different parlours and salons to decorate themselves with new hairstyles and make-up in preparation to celebrate the festival.

Individuals keeping social distance are visible at most of the beauty parlours and salons in the city. Not only boys and girls but also old men and women are going to parlours and salons.

Apart from beauty parlours, shopping centres, and markets in Commercial Market Satellite Town, Murree Road, Saddar, and Raja Bazaar are full of mask-wearing customers. The shopping centres in Jamia Masjid and Banni are the most favourites among the low-income shoppers.

A large number of customers were found at fixed-rate shops set up in the open spaces in Raja Bazaar. The low-income group people crowd these shops. Shoes have flooded the markets this year but shoes like Bata, Service are attracting people the most. Bata and Service have introduced a number of new design shoes for children, men, and women.

Ahsan Reza, a corporate office employee said, “I will buy some shirts for myself as well as my relatives. It is easy for me to collect them from the branded shops, but I will visit some other shops before making the final choice.”

Delawar Hussain, a trader at the market said, “Although disturbed by Coronavirus this is a peak time for our business. Apart from imported items, local items are also attracting buyers, he said.