Monday December 06, 2021

Beauty, fitness and perfection: The trio

July 18, 2021

Which alternative words come to one’s mind after hearing the word “beauty” or what is the definition of beauty? I would say “perfection” might be a perfect word for beauty, but what does perfection'' really mean?

During one of our Mass Communication classes of ‘creative thinking and imagination’, the professor asked the above question and every student had a different view about it. Someone called it nature, while someone conceived beauty as possession of a big house, cars, parents, some described specific physical aspects, and the list goes on, but ultimately, beauty is as immeasurable and infinite as the universe itself. The whole giant picture of us, our planet and the others orbiting around the sun, is just a point of departure. The perfection of it all, the billions of years it’s been doing this is nothing short of beautiful. What is beautiful? Can anyone guess he/she would have ever known beauty till date? No! ...why? Why human beings strive for perfection and no other creature on this planet. The answer is because the final destination of human beings is something perfectly beautiful, emerging and human beings would never feel unconcerned and bored there. We basically didn’t belong to this planet, we belonged to some infinite place.

Soul and body fitness/development go hand in hand. The strengthening of soul is in the strengthening of the body. Health has been honored as a fundamental right and obligation for every human being, which makes it a powerful source of guidance and information. Our body and soul have rights. It is given to us as a gift but we have driven our body ideals and standards at both extremes that disorders like body dysmorphic disorder, anorexia nervosa and dopamine addicts are growing in society. There is a thin line between addiction and fitness. In view of the fact, a person has to take charge when he is going to gym or sports, if he is taking energy cocaine drinks, proteins, steroids, amino acids and other so-called fitness supplements then it will be taken as addiction not as fitness. Instead, we can have juices, milk shakes and halal cocktails. Our sleep concepts, eating habits and exercise decides the degree of health in young and old age too. Our health makes sure the amount of knowledge we will have, the money we will make and the mindset. If one is healthy then he will be able to go to school, office, worship place, library, sports, outing and will be able to handle relationships with kin and Creator.

Beautiful is, reviving the forgotten healthy concepts of lifestyle. Beautiful is, being able to play, walk, pray and fast like a young. Beautiful is, a healthy creative mindset and behavior. Beautiful is being able to read what life really means? Beautiful is knowing the philosophy of life, body and soul because we are what we consume.

This world and Hereafter belong to those who have a beautiful heart and soul as we connect and associate with the soul and heart not with body.