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Afghanistan’s survival in jeopardy, warns Abdullah

By News Desk
July 01, 2021
Afghanistan’s survival in jeopardy, warns Abdullah

KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), at the council’s leadership committee meeting at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday said that “the survival of Afghanistan is in danger.”

The sixth leadership committee meeting of the HCNR was held at the Presidential Palace and was attended by President Ashraf Ghani, HCNR members and other government officials. “The truth is, today the survival, security and unity of Afghanistan is in danger.” Abdullah said. “There is no better way than peace.”

“With the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country, the war has escalated. Unfortunately, the Taliban side has taken advantage of this, and the foreign troop withdrawal has naturally left a vacuum in some areas,” said Abdullah.

“Although teams from both sides are in Doha and in contact, we have not witnessed any progress,” Abdullah said. “They (the Taliban) take very slow steps in the peace talks but have increased the war on the battlefield. Unfortunately, the Taliban wasted time in the peace process over the months, and there was concern among the people that the Taliban had no intention or will to seek peace. This concern is now growing day by day,” he said.

“We want peace from the bottom of the heart ... but we are in a situation where we are saying peace and they are (Taliban) nearing the capital of Afghanistan,” he said. He also urged politicians to support the Afghan security forces.

He also mentioned that if the Taliban miscalculate that they can win militarily, then it will cause the “continuation of the war.” “This will be a mistake if any side thinks they can win militarily,” he noted.

Speaking of the recent Washington trip, Abdullah said: “The United States’s message was even though we are withdrawing our troops, we are supporting the people of Afghanistan and we are with them.” He further said: “The US said that we want peace and we also know the obstacles and the issues that have been created against peace...But the people’s consensus will help us support you.”