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Six cell company employees kidnapped from Quetta

By Salman Ashraf
June 28, 2021

QUETTA: Six employees of a cellular company were kidnapped from Marget, a suburb of Quetta, on Saturday, Levies sources confirmed.

Marget is the scene of the latest spike in terrorism involving several attacks against security forces encamped to provide security to around the hundreds of coal mines and the workforce.Last week, the CTD Balochistan had managed to gun down four terrorists of the Baloch sub-nationalist group, BLA who were carrying replenishments and reinforcements for their comrades.

BLA and other terrorists are known to charge extortion from the coal mine contractors and kidnap the miners when demands are not met. On Saturday, six employees along with their supervisor were installing a cell phone tower when all the six including one of their supervisors were kidnapped. According to Levies, three of them Mohammad Tariq from Muslim Bagh and two from District Sheerani, Merajudin and Mohammad Anwar, were released. But they kept three others, including two drivers Yusuf Baloch, a native of Marget, Rehmat of Qilla Saifullah and their supervisor Amanat Ali from Gujrat. Police are tracing the kidnapped employees.