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KE imports 25,000 ton fuel oil to avert outages

By Our Correspondent
June 27, 2021
KE imports 25,000 ton fuel oil to avert outages

KARACHI: Given the recent supply issues, K-Electric (KE) has imported 25,000 metric ton (MT) furnace oil to ensure all available generation capacity is maximised, a statement said on Saturday.

"The fuel oil shipment is expected to enter into Pakistan's waters around the first of July," the power utility said.

"The effort to secure this supply required significant inter-ministerial support and coordination and KE's urgent response to manage the precarious situation reflected its commitment to serve its customers."

K-Electric said it was much obliged to the Ministry of Energy Petroleum Division for their quick approval of KE’s request, and the Power Division for expedited processing. "Upon arrival, the ship will require the support of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs to allow early docking on a fast-track basis to enable the fuel to be discharged. PSO’s network will be used to channel the supply to K-Electric’s storage facilities," the statement said.

CEO K-Electric, Moonis Alvi said, “KE is grateful for the support from all departments and ministries. If these prompt and urgent measures go as planned and there is no reduction in supply of gas to KE below already restricted levels, it will enable us to continue providing a stable supply of power to Karachi”.

The addition of this stock would replenish KE’s fuel inventory to safe stock levels and ensure that generation is not curtailed because of fuel supply shortfalls, Alvi added.

“KE is committed to effectively manage the developing situation to the best extent to minimise inconvenience to our customers,” he added.

The company said the fuel supply would allow it to manage Karachi's demand, and restrict load-shed as per policy only to areas with high line losses with a maximum duration in highest loss areas at 7.5 hours, adding a schedule of such areas was available on KE website.