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Four hurt as anti-encroachment team faces resistance in Chanesar Halt

June 26, 2021
Four hurt as anti-encroachment team faces resistance in Chanesar Halt

Severe law and order disruption was witnessed in the Chanesar Halt area of Karachi on Friday when people tried to resist an anti-encroachment operation by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC).

In the operation in PECHS Block 6, the anti-encroachment squad was met with stone attacks and aerial firing in the area. As a result, the Ferozabad assistant commissioner and three officials of the anti-encroachment squad were injured.

The operation was held in Chanesar Halt PECHS Block 6 near the railway track. Several concrete houses were demolished during the operation, which was held in coordination with the district administration and Pakistan Railways.

The anti-encroachment team said residents of the area pelted them with stones and resorted to aerial firing but they continued the demolition drive. The land vacated through the operation is the right of way which is worth millions of rupees. A Pakistan Railways official said an FIR had been lodged against those who had created law and order problem in the area.

According to KMC Senior Director Bashir Siddiqui, the operation was carried out in the Jamshed division of District East in Swat Char Bagh Colony and the encroachments surrounding a storm drain in a Railways colony in the area were removed.

Sharing details of the operation, the Pakistan Railways Karachi office said the anti-encroachment operation jointly conducted by the Karachi Railways and district police near Chanesar Halt concluded on its first day despite stiff resistance. A total of 20 residential units spread over 10,000 square feet were completely demolished during the operation.

The illegal settlements had been constructed on the right-of-way area along the track that would be completely uprooted. Three railways' policemen also sustained minor injuries during the anti-encroachment operation.

Pakistan Railways Karachi Divisional Superintendent Muhammad Hanif Gul praised the staff that participated in the operation for their endurance and fearless action.