Tuesday October 19, 2021

KMC meeting discusses renovation plan for 106 roads

June 21, 2021

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has completed the preliminary survey for renovation and beautification of 106 roads of the city, after which various agencies have been invited to beautify these roads.

KMC Administrator Laeeq Ahmed addressed a meeting at his office regarding the beautification and renovation of roads on Saturday. KMC Senior Director Coordination Khalid Khan, General Works Director Shabiul Hasnain Zaidi, Parks Director General Taha Saleem and other officers attended the meeting.

The KMC administrator said that an advisory committee would be formed for the renovation of these roads, which would include KMC officers as well as eminent personalities of the city and dignitaries with creative minds.

He also sought ideas for building monuments on roads. He added that the municipality would welcome anyone who would come up with any idea for the betterment of Karachi Ahmed said efforts would be made to create a better environment in the city by renovating Sharea Faisal, Shahrah-e-Pakistan, Rashid Minhas Road and other major arteries.

He said Karachi was a major city of the world and it should have all the facilities that people round the globe would expect in it. “The past of Karachi is very glorious. Once upon a time, the streets of Karachi were washed daily and lamps were lit with kerosene,” he recalled. He added that today, all modern facilities were available but unfortunately they were not being used.

The KMC administrator said some institutions and multinational companies had come up with some ideas regarding the renovation of the roads, which would be reviewed and implemented. He said the beautification of Sharea Faisal was very important as it was the thoroughfare on which the airport was located. A better image of Karachi should emerge after the renovation, he added.

Ahmed also requested the citizens of Karachi to help beautify their city, participate in tree plantation and protect the public property. “It is the common responsibility of all of us to make our city clean and green as the future of all of us depends on this city,” he remarked.