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Amazon founder’s ex-wife slams US wealth gap

By News Report
June 16, 2021

NEW YORK: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife MacKenzie Scott slams US wealth gap as she gives $2.7 billion to various charities, blasting the unfairness of American inequality as she did so, foreign media reported.

“We are all attempting to give away a fortune that was enabled by systems in need of change,” Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife wrote in a Medium post. “In this effort, we are governed by a humbling belief that it would be better if disproportionate wealth were not concentrated in a small number of hands, and that the solutions are best designed and implemented by others.”

Among the new gifts spread across nearly 300 institutions so far are Ku. Scott’s generous donations totaled $8.85 billion. In her announcement, Social Service said she and her team spend the first months of 2021 searching for an “equity-paying non-profit team” that they think could have the biggest impact.

From her 2019 divorce from her ex-husband, billionaire and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Ms Scott has become one of the world’s most renowned philanthropists. As a result of the divorce, she has $35.6 billion in Amazon stock and almost personal wealth. With $60 billion making her the richest person on earth. Ms Scott has given a lot of luck before. Shortly after the divorce, she signed ‘To Promise – promising to donate most of the one’s wealth – and donating about $8.85 billion to charities in 2020. The donations, she announced Tuesday went to a variety of organisations, including colleges and universities, anti-discrimination groups, arts and culture organisations and anti-poverty charities.