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PFF’s parallel body warned against illegal activities

By Our Correspondent
June 15, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Normalisation Committee (NC) of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has warned all and sundry against participating in any activity initiated by the football’s parallel body.

In a handout NC chairman Haroon Malik says: “As clearly demonstrated through the directives issued by the FIFA and the PFF Constitution, the FIFA appointed Normalisation Committee is the highest legal body in Pakistan for all football matters and the chairman of the committee also holds additional charge as president of the PFF. Any other claimants representing themselves as PFF are clearly a parallel association as defined by Article 70 of the PFF constitution. All members, clubs, officials, players and persons affiliated with football in Pakistan are reminded of their obligations under the PFF constitution, specifically Article 4, sub-sections (a) and (h) amongst others.”

The NC chairman said through a communique that the FIFA vide its letter in January 2021, has duly appointed the reconstituted Normalisation Committee and Haroon Ahmed Malik as chairman of the PFF NC. The letter clearly notes that the Normalisation Committee is the sole executive body of PFF recognised by FIFA. FIFA further considers that the illegitimate occupation of the PFF Headquarters constitutes an undue interference in the affairs of the federation. They demanded that the occupying group vacate FIFA House or face suspension, upon which Pakistan Football was, and continues to remain, suspended.

The above statement clarifies that the occupying group is not recognized by FIFA, is not a legitimate body and is not considered the PFF. It can also clearly be seen that not only is the occupying group responsible for the suspension of Pakistan from FIFA, in fact they are violating the spirit and the constitution of the PFF.