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Serial child molester arrested in Bin Qasim raid

By Our Crime Reporter
May 23, 2021

District Malir police personnel have arrested a man who is alleged to be involved in sodomising young children in Bin Qasim Town.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Irfan Ali Bahadur of District Malir said on Saturday that the Bin Qasim police had received information that a person had been luring young boys to a hideout by providing them sweets and sexually assaulting them.

The police expanded their ground intelligence network and found the hideout located near to the National Highway. A police team raided the hideout, arrested the suspect, identified as Aslam Hassan, and shifted him to the police station.

The suspect told interrogators that he committed sodomy with a 12-year-old boy at his house a few hours before the police raid and that the child lived in the same locality.

The victim’s family approached the police for the registration of a case against the suspects.

Earlier, four more FIRs had been lodged against the suspects at the Shah Latif and Bin Qasim police stations for the same crime.

Extortionist held

The Memon Goth police have arrested an alleged extortionist, who threatened a carpet trader for extortion.

The Malir SSP said a carpet trader had approached the police and lodged his complaint in which he said that a man had threatened him with dire consequences and was demanding Rs100 million in extortion.

Taking notice of the complaint, the police used technical apparatus and tracked the location of the suspect. A police party then carried out a raid and after facing resistance arrested Gul Zaman alias Ajooba Khan and shifted him to the police station.

The police are investigating his criminal record and his association with a criminal group.