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FIA summons PML-N activist for blackmailing people on Whatsapp

By Our Correspondent
April 06, 2021

LAHORE: Cyber Crime Cell of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has summoned a Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) activist on the charges of harassing and blackmailing people through Whatsapp.

Tahir Mughal, who received the notice, said he was directed to appear at FIA’s Rawalpindi police station on April 7, 2021. He said in the notice he was accused of harassing and blackmailing people through Whatsapp.

The notice warned Tahir Mughal that unilateral action would be taken against him for non-cooperation. Mughal was the media coordinator of PML-N Punjab spokesperson Azma Bukhari and carries out party’s political activities on the social media. He said the number mentioned in the notice was in use of his son.

Azma Bukhari, commenting on the notice, said Imran Khan was earlier scared of PML-N leadership and now they had also started fearing the PML-N workers. She said it was shameful that the government was using the FIA against the PML-N workers.

Earlier, in a statement, Azma Bukhari said if Maryam Nawaz remains silent, the government seems in a problem, and if she starts speaking, the government again seems in problem. “Those who do not know the alphabet of politics have come to contest Nawaz Sharif’s daughter,” she said adding Dr Adnan was the in-charge of a big hospital and the proof of his credibility was the support of Dr Ayaz and Dr Shamsi. She said half the world has already been vaccinated against corona, but in Pakistan not more than one per cent of the population vaccinated.