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Rana urges PM to save Pakistan football

By Our Correspondent
April 06, 2021

LAHORE: Former Punjab Football Association (PFA) Vice President Rana Zia Ur Rehman has urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to intervene in the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) matter and save Pakistan football from further decline.

Rana requested the PM and IPC Minister Dr Fehmida Mirza to get the FIFA Football House in Lahore vacated by “the occupiers and hand it over to FIFA-installed Normalisation Committee” led by Haroon Malik.

“The attack and taking over of the FIFA House by Ashfaq Hussain group has been bringing bad name to the country across the world and Pakistan football is also on verge of ban by FIFA. The ultimate sufferers will be no one but Pakistani footballers and match officials.

“Pakistani footballers deserve better treatment and facilities, who are suffering due to power game of a few people. They cannot take part in any international tournament if FIFA bans Pakistan,” he added.