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Pakistan, Turkey to co-manufacture warplanes, missiles?

By News Desk
March 03, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Turkey is in talks to co-manufacture warplanes and missiles with Pakistan, a foreign media outlet claimed. Turkish defence and government officials have held periodic talks with Pakistani counterparts -- the last high-level discussion was in January -- about developing and manufacturing military hardware with Pakistan, according to people from both countries who are familiar with the negotiations. The people didn’t say when they’ll meet again or how close they are to an agreement.

A deal would get Nato-member Turkey closer to some of China’s military technology. Pakistan builds its JF-17 fighter jets with China. Turkey sees nuclear power Pakistan as a strategic ally and potential partner in building its Siper long-range missile-defense project and TF-X fighter jet, the people familiar said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss strategic goals. The people didn’t say whether the talks have gotten to the point of seeking Beijing’s consent to share Chinese defense technology.

Asked about restrictions imposed on weapons exports, China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that the Chinese government “has always adopted a prudent and responsible attitude in the export of military products and strictly implements China’s military export management laws and regulations as well as its international duties.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has hailed “very serious potential” for collaboration with Pakistan on defense projects, and top defence officials have met in recent months. The countries already have some cooperation in the defence industry, including co-producing warships Turkey has sold Pakistan.