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Resolution in Punjab PA condemns attack on Jang/Geo offices

By Our Correspondent
February 23, 2021

LAHORE: Condemning the attack on the Jang/Geo office in Karachi, a resolution was submitted in the Punjab Assembly by PML-N member Hina Pervez Butt here on Monday, criticizing the evil elements which attacked the staff, broke down furniture and other equipments.

“Attacks on media houses are tantamount to crushing the press freedom,” she said in the resolution, adding, “the miscreants vandalized Jang/Geo office in the presence of police, which is also a cause of concern. It is completely unacceptable to harass the media for nefarious purposes like this”.

In the resolution, Hina Pervaiz asked the Sindh government to immediately arrest the accused and give them exemplary punishment, and this House believes in complete freedom of the media.