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Turkey invites Pakistan's private sector to explore JVs

By Our Correspondent
January 27, 2021

KARACHI: Turkey on Tuesday invited Pakistan’s private sector to explore opportunities of joint-ventures in trade and investment with its counterparts, while expressing interest to help develop tourism sector and cooperate in the information and technology field.

Consul General of Turkey Tolga Ucak said business community should immediately start online interactions with their Turkish counterparts and subsequently look

into the possibility of sending a business delegation to Turkey in the post-COVID scenario to explore new avenues of trade and

investment cooperation in different sectors of the economy.

“Business communities can collaborate with each other in numerous sectors of the economy particularly the information technology sector as Pakistan’s software houses are doing very well while the potential to enhance cooperation also exists in tourism, education and automobile sectors,” Ucak said during a meeting with a delegation of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).

The Turkish envoy stressed the need to encourage joint ventures in different sectors of

the economy whereas Turkey can also assist in setting up a tram service system in Karachi, particularly at the coastal line of sea view.

The envoy expressed keenness to strengthen trade and investment ties between the business communities of the two countries. Commercial section of Turkish consulate in Karachi is ready to fully assist Karachi’s business and industrial community intending to improve trade and investment ties with their Turkish counterparts. To deal with trade-related conflicts and protect the interest of customers, he

suggested to form a private-to-private sector committee between the two countries

Shariq Vohra, president of KCCI said the bilateral relation is not depicting in the existing trade which remains confined to just millions of dollars.