Thursday March 23, 2023

WTO asks Pakistan to end anti-dumping duty on BOPP

By Our Correspondent
January 19, 2021

ISLAMABAD: The World Trade Organization (WTO) has declared that the anti dumping duty imposed by Pakistan on Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film (BOPP) from the United Arab Emirates as inconsistent with the WTO laws.

According to the findings of the WTO Panel announced on Monday from its headquarters stating that Pakistan's sunset review determination of December 1, 2016 is also inconsistent with articles 1 and 18.1 of the Anti-Dumping Agreement.

In its recommendations and suggestions, the WTO recommended that Pakistan bring its measures into conformity with its obligations under the Anti-Dumping Agreement. The United Arab Emirates also asked it to suggest ways in which Pakistan could implement this recommendation. Specifically, the United Arab Emirates asked it to suggest that Pakistan "terminate the duties imposed" and "refund the anti-dumping duties collected".

“Because of the fundamental nature and pervasiveness of the inconsistencies we have found, we suggest that Pakistan implement our recommendation by withdrawing the anti-dumping measures it has imposed on BOPP film from the United Arab Emirates. We decline however to suggest that Pakistan refund the anti-dumping duties already paid”, it concluded.