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Educational boards’ records to go online

By Our Correspondent
January 19, 2021
The Inter-board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC). 

Islamabad: The Inter-board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) has decided to make all educational boards record online and computerised in order to create ease for documents attestation.

According to the IBCC, the step has been taken in order to strengthen the automation system in to ease and facilitate the attestation and equivalence process for general public.

The IBCC management under the leading role of its Secretary/CEO Dr Ghulam Ali Mallah has taken certain concrete steps in line with policy directions of the Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mehmood.

These steps will also be a source to help improve the overall examination assessment system across the country. The IBCC secretary/CEO and National Information Technology Board (NITB) executive director have formally agreed to set up an automation system initially in the secretariat of IBCC at Islamabad, which will be referred over to all the stakeholders.

In follow-up, a meeting of chairmen examining bodies was also held in which it was agreed to create a central repository of data of all the Examination boards of Pakistan at IBCC Islamabad.

The digitization process will be came out phase-wise and as a pilot phase, FBISE Islamabad, BISE Lahore, BISE Peshawar, BISE Quetta and BISE Karachi will add their data to the repository at IBCC Islamabad.

In the next phase, the NITB will support in digitization of the existing manual data of all the boards in collaboration with IBCC.

It was also decided that the National IT Board will provide e-office services to IBCC secretariat and its Regional offices to automate all internal processes. And the data of boards will be integrated with attestation and equivalence e-portals of IBCC to convert the existing hybrid system into complete automation.

The NITB will help design software and create a Central Banks of Question Items at IBCC secretariat for all examination boards which will help to shift the assessment from rote learning to concept learning system.